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I'm a junior animator looking to make awesome 2D animations in the near future. I also like making video games if I ever get enough free time to.

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Posted by Jay6 - March 15th, 2013

I only really have one thing on this account: Super Filly Adventure. Am I going to make more games? Not likely. I want to make animations though. Rather, professional animations; ones that could get me a job. Would this be a place to post such things? They wouldn't be parodies, or MLP stuff; it'd be more like a demo reel of my talents. Anyone have any ideas on what sort of things I should put on a demo reel to get into animation for cartoons? I know I should likely do a flour sack jump... what else? Any tips would be great.

Posted by Jay6 - July 30th, 2012

Time flies. Motivation lost...

HOWEVER, I am probably going to try again. I still don't exactly want to make another pony game right away. I STILL want to do something that has to do with Something Broke... but animating it now seems like a slight impossibility with my current talent. Sure, I CAN animate, but right now, I'm lacking the software on my computer, and I don't feel like pirating it. SO... I'm going with plan B. I'm going to draw scenes, and POSSIBLY do a few animated parts to Something Broke. I'll be plotting out my course, and sticking with the plan over the next few weeks, and we'll see where I get.

I'll be away for a couple weeks in August since I'm going to Everfree NW, and taking a side trip across the states. It'll be fun. If I actually stick to a schedule, I SHOULD have things done by mid-September. I just need to make sure not to get sidetracked, and keep to my own deadlines.

Posted by Jay6 - December 6th, 2011

For the last while, I have been in the works of a large animation project that is My Little Pony related, as well as kinda "Cupcakes" related. It'll be a fanimation of the song "Something Broke" by Tarby (Link to song is [here]). It will take me a long while to storyboard everything up, then get to key animation... but yeah, I don't expect I'll be done until early next year; especially at the rate I'm going at with playing so many new games that have come out recently.

You can check out my most recent updates on the project on my blog here: [Link]

All I need from you guys is your feedback, critique, advice, and most importantly, your support. Your support is what will keep me motivated to keep going on this project to get it done.


Posted by Jay6 - September 9th, 2011

I'm Jay6, an animator looking to get into the entertainment industry one day to hope to make video games, or animate for a cartoon on TV (I'm going to be working on a new demo reel soon).

Introduction aside, for the past 2 months, I've been working on a 16-bit MLP:FiM game, named "Super Filly Adventure," and I'll be uploading it this weekend. I'm finishing up a scene, and doing some final testings. This game is for a contest on Equestria Gaming. It's supposedly ending soon (Sept. 15), so I'll most definitely have my game up by, at the latest, then. I don't HOPE to win... I just wanted to do something this summer, and making this game happened to be what I wanted to do. Some inspiration came from Story of the Blanks, and well, I figured I could do something more, perhaps. Not necessarily a creepypasta, even though that sounds fun to work on, but I wanted something for everyone that shows what I have to offer. My hope is that at least someone will enjoy it for what it's worth; I didn't waste my life on this project for 2 months for nothing.

From just a general census (slight research), I noticed that some people wanted a pony adventure type game, much like how Story of the Blanks is, but a bit longer? Maybe multiple endings? More of the mane cast? As it is now, there aren't too many My Little Pony games like that yet. I took all of these ideas, and somehow tried to blend it all into my game. I don't know if people would get pissed off that I'm using my own OC as the main character, rather than a cutie mark crusader... Then again, I'll never know until I put it up. I would say more, but I'd probably end up spoiling the entire game. With that, good night!