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2012-07-30 18:29:56 by Jay6

Time flies. Motivation lost...

HOWEVER, I am probably going to try again. I still don't exactly want to make another pony game right away. I STILL want to do something that has to do with Something Broke... but animating it now seems like a slight impossibility with my current talent. Sure, I CAN animate, but right now, I'm lacking the software on my computer, and I don't feel like pirating it. SO... I'm going with plan B. I'm going to draw scenes, and POSSIBLY do a few animated parts to Something Broke. I'll be plotting out my course, and sticking with the plan over the next few weeks, and we'll see where I get.

I'll be away for a couple weeks in August since I'm going to Everfree NW, and taking a side trip across the states. It'll be fun. If I actually stick to a schedule, I SHOULD have things done by mid-September. I just need to make sure not to get sidetracked, and keep to my own deadlines.


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