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Future of my account

2013-03-15 00:51:05 by Jay6

I only really have one thing on this account: Super Filly Adventure. Am I going to make more games? Not likely. I want to make animations though. Rather, professional animations; ones that could get me a job. Would this be a place to post such things? They wouldn't be parodies, or MLP stuff; it'd be more like a demo reel of my talents. Anyone have any ideas on what sort of things I should put on a demo reel to get into animation for cartoons? I know I should likely do a flour sack jump... what else? Any tips would be great.


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2013-08-04 11:33:49

Did you know someone actually wrote a fan fic on based on the blank flank ending and Story of the Blanks? It's called "Battle of the Blanks" if I recall correctly.

Jay6 responds:

Neato. I wasn't contacted about it though, but thanks for the heads up.