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I'm new to Newgrounds! Hiya!

2011-09-09 02:55:23 by Jay6

I'm Jay6, an animator looking to get into the entertainment industry one day to hope to make video games, or animate for a cartoon on TV (I'm going to be working on a new demo reel soon).

Introduction aside, for the past 2 months, I've been working on a 16-bit MLP:FiM game, named "Super Filly Adventure," and I'll be uploading it this weekend. I'm finishing up a scene, and doing some final testings. This game is for a contest on Equestria Gaming. It's supposedly ending soon (Sept. 15), so I'll most definitely have my game up by, at the latest, then. I don't HOPE to win... I just wanted to do something this summer, and making this game happened to be what I wanted to do. Some inspiration came from Story of the Blanks, and well, I figured I could do something more, perhaps. Not necessarily a creepypasta, even though that sounds fun to work on, but I wanted something for everyone that shows what I have to offer. My hope is that at least someone will enjoy it for what it's worth; I didn't waste my life on this project for 2 months for nothing.

From just a general census (slight research), I noticed that some people wanted a pony adventure type game, much like how Story of the Blanks is, but a bit longer? Maybe multiple endings? More of the mane cast? As it is now, there aren't too many My Little Pony games like that yet. I took all of these ideas, and somehow tried to blend it all into my game. I don't know if people would get pissed off that I'm using my own OC as the main character, rather than a cutie mark crusader... Then again, I'll never know until I put it up. I would say more, but I'd probably end up spoiling the entire game. With that, good night!



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2011-09-11 00:37:41

Good to see another game creator, hope to see what else you can do, I don't really animate anything myself but welcome to Newgrounds.


2011-09-11 16:58:37

Welcome to Newgrounds, in that case! It's awesome to see new people creating flash games. Just.. don't fall into a ditch or anything.


2011-09-16 20:53:51

In response to your response to my response on Super Filly Adventure:

No, I mean 10. I changed my clock lulz

"If you did that to anyone else, they'd probably devote their life to revenge. Luckily, I'm a bigger man than that." ~ GLaDOS

BTW, I can't find the music for the dance music on Google. HELP PLZ