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Working on a large animation project

2011-12-06 00:56:57 by Jay6

For the last while, I have been in the works of a large animation project that is My Little Pony related, as well as kinda "Cupcakes" related. It'll be a fanimation of the song "Something Broke" by Tarby (Link to song is [here]). It will take me a long while to storyboard everything up, then get to key animation... but yeah, I don't expect I'll be done until early next year; especially at the rate I'm going at with playing so many new games that have come out recently.

You can check out my most recent updates on the project on my blog here: [Link]

All I need from you guys is your feedback, critique, advice, and most importantly, your support. Your support is what will keep me motivated to keep going on this project to get it done.



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2011-12-13 17:46:41

Interesting. I'll have to be sure to keep an ear out, for whenever you finish that.